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Organic edible rose petals

Organic edible rose petals
Organic edible rose petals

Rosa damascena Mill, which is the kind of rose that we offer was grown in Damascus and is known as Damascene Rose or Castilian Rose.

It was brought to Europe by the crusaders, and it was spread and loved throughout the continent for its excellent aroma and pink colour.

Rose petals uses

You can use rose petals to add its great flavour to various teas and infusions but also as a sweetener instead of sugar or honey.

Use it by itself to make a unique infusion that can be drunk either hot or cold.

You can also make liqueurs or desserts or use them in various sauces or stewed meats, vegetables and soups. Be careful with it though and use a small amount so that our dish doesn?t end up as too sweet.

Rose petal Properties

The rose has medicinal properties for various ailments since ancient times. Its scent and infusion gives us a sense of well being and calmness.

At the same time, it is also diuretic and an excellent tonic of the mind.


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