Homemade halva recipe | Greek recipe Traditional homemade halva recipe with orange, very light and tasty

halva-orange recipe

Halva orange recipe

There are many versions of Halva which is a simple and popular dessert to make and takes very little time to prepare.

The most common version is made with semolina and its distinctive texture in the mouth is what makes it exceptional.

halva orange


  • 7 cups of water or weigh 1500 grams. 
  • 250 gr. semolina 
  • 2 vanilla sugar sachets
  • 400g sugar (you can add more if you prefer a sweeter taste)
  • Juice and zest from 3 oranges
  •  ½ cup shredded coconut for dusting (optional)


Add all the ingredients in a saucepan.

halva preparation

Place over a medium heat and bring to the boil, gently stirring the whole time.

halva ingredients

When the semolina mixture starts to bubble and thicken the halva is ready.

halva mix

Pour the halva into a pan or heatproof dish and sprinkle with the coconut.

halva mixture in pan

halva orange ready

Allow to cool and refrigerate.

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