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Greek extra virgin olive oil

Greek extra virgin olive oil
New Harvest Olive oil

Greek Olive oil is considered a sacred food in Greek households and no alterations or changes of any kind are permitted.
Greece is the world's largest producer of extra virgin olive oil.

At an international level, Greece has the highest olive oil consumption per capita, more than 26 litres per person per annum and has one of the world?s highest average life expectancies!

What makes an olive oil premium?

There are several factors which can help determine the quality of olive oil. The lower the acidity, the better the extra virgin olive oil you get.

The colour of an olive oil will differ depending on the variety of the olive pressed, the geographic region where the olives are grown and the harvesting time.

About 80% of Greece's olive oil, is extra virgin olive oil!

PDO definition

PDO means Protected Designation of Origin. To be labelled PDO an oil has to come from a specific region, using specific methods and particular variety olives.

Cretan PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) extra virgin olive oil from the Messara region of Crete is considered one of the world's best.

This region is famous for olive oil production because its mountainous landscape produces oil-rich olives pressed to produce high quality olive oil.

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium quality with less than 0.3% Acidity Single Estate

From £10.00
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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium quality with 0.3% Acidity. Single Estate

From £12.00
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Medicinal Organic Early Harvest OLEUM

Oleum Organic Early Harvest is a high quality olive oil that is produced from early harvested olives, with very high polyphenols and strong flavor and taste

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Kalamata Olives

Natural Kalamata olives, prepared traditionally by artisan producer

From £6.50
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