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Organic products

Organic products
Tahini with fruits

Organic Products

At The Hellenic Deli, we believe that organic products are the healthiest and most flavoursome. That’s why we strive to supply only high-quality, organic produce wherever possible. Whether you’re buying Greek extra virgin olive oil or raw honey, you can count on us to deliver products that are free from potentially harmful chemicals and fertilisers.


We’re excited to offer a comprehensive range of organic products from the hillsides and farms of Greece. From the finest Greek olive oil to the tastiest balsamic vinegar, our organic foods are made with love.

Why Organic Produce Is So Important to Us

All the authentic Greek produce we sell is made to the highest standards. And while we’d like everything to be organic-certified, we’re happy with the selection we’ve put together for you. Whether you’re looking for a wholegrain tahini or a luxury extra virgin olive oil, we have high-quality organic options that deliver the tastes and smells of Greece.


Research shows that organic produce contains up to 60% more antioxidants than conventional crops. That means switching to organic produce wherever possible can give your immune system a boost.


Organic farming is also kinder to the environment. When the use of toxic fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides is prohibited, the soil becomes nutrient-rich. This produces more nutritional food, but it also ensures the sustainability of future crops.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. Using organic ingredients when you can improves the quality of the final product on the plate. Meals become more nutritious, and we firmly believe they also become tastier.


Our current range of organic products uses the finest ingredients from Greece. We’re adding to our selection all the time, so keep checking for updates.

Organic edible rose petals

Pretty organic edible rose petals with good integrity, selected with care

In Stock
Organic Greek Oregano herb

Greek wild oregano herb harvested by hand and slowly dried in the shade.

In Stock
Organic Oregano oil with Organic extra virgin oilive oil

Pure organic Oregano Oil is extremely concentrated and must be diluted before use. For this reason, we have created for you ready to use. Is already diluted with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In Stock
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Premium quality with 0.3% Acidity. Single Estate

From £12.00
In Stock
Organic Wholegrain Tahini with Black Garlic

Superfood that contains all the unique nutrients of our organic tahini along with all the antioxidant elements of black garlic.

In Stock
Organic wholegrain cold pressed tahini

Organic tahini with a high fluidity, full taste and the aroma of roasted sesame seeds with the dominant notes of peanut and hazelnut in the aftertaste.

In Stock
Medicinal Organic Early Harvest OLEUM  (Back in stock end of January

Oleum Organic Early Harvest is a high quality olive oil that is produced from early harvested olives, with very high polyphenols and strong flavor and taste

Out Of Stock
Organic raw wholegrain Tahini

It is the only organic tahini which retains 100% of the vitamins and trace elements from the raw sesame seed. Uncooked wholegrain tahini

In Stock
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