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Unfiltered Raw fir Honey

Unfiltered Raw fir Honey
Unfiltered Raw fir Honey

About our unpasteurised raw honey

Our raw fir honey comes from Greece, from the region of Western Greece, and our bees source the honey from the fir trees that grow there.

These trees grow high up in a mountainous region at an altitude of 1000-1300m (3500 ? 4500 ft) which due to its location makes it an untouched and uncultivated area.

It means that the land here is free from pesticides and fertilisers, unlike other honey produced from areas where farmers spray their crops with chemicals nearby.

Raw unfiltered fir honey and honeycomb are very rare to find, and for this reason, it is also the most expensive Greek honey on the market.

Although not officially certified, our Greek honey is Organic.

Official Organic Certification is financially unrealistic for an Independent Beekeeper like ours.

Our beekeeper prides himself in never using pesticides or chemicals on his hives;

instead, he cares for his bees by using organic hops, a natural key ingredient in beer production.

This method reduces parasitic mite populations in honey colonies, and this makes our raw unfiltered honey organic, although not certified.

Natural and unprocessed honeydew honey from Greece

You can be confident that all our Greek honey is unheated and unpasteurised.

The fir honey is packaged directly from the honeycomb and has a distinct amber colour.

Fir tree honey is the least sweet, and its taste is unsurpassed.

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